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What is ESS?

  • ESS standard is a new free and open-source XML feed invented exclusively for events.
  • ESS Feeds can be published from add-ons in most CMS or with simple code libraries.
  • ESS federates provider’s events into one feed that can be updated everywhere in real-time.

ESS takes RSS to the next level

Until now, event promoters could only use RSS or iCalendar to broadcast their events.
The problem has been that vital information gets lost in the event description.

Event Portal RSS Feed
Web readers Robots...

Now, with ESS all the criteria of any events are clearly defined.

Event Portal ESS Feed
Web readers Robots!

Before, web users had to read each event page individually.
Now robots can crawl it, analyse it and broadcast it.

Benefits of ESS

  • ESS structures and organizes crucial event information so it can be broadcast clearly.
  • ESS Feeds target a new market that accesses events through mobile apps, web agendas and maps.
  • ESS prevents the duplication of content by centralizing the information on the publisher’s website.
  • ESS opens the door for the automatic transmission of event information all over the web.
  • ESS reduces the cost of event promotion thanks to centralization and automatization.

A breakthrough in the age of the cloud.

How to use ESS?

ESS Feeds can be generated from open-source libraries published on: https://github.com/hypecal
You can also help the web community to create or improve this open-source libraries.

  • Select an open source library and download the code in your web language.
  • Place the few lines of code where you generate events.
  • Each generated event is automatically submitted to the list of event aggregators defined in the library.

  • ESS Library available for PHP
  • ESS Library available for JAVA
  • ESS Library available for JavaScript
  • ESS Library available for AS3
  • ESS Library available for Ruby On Rail

More information about ESS

  • An updated Press Release is available at: https://eventstandardsyndication.org/Press_Release
  • More information about the standard is also available in Wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ESS

Event Standard Syndication

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