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Format ESS
.ess, .xml
version 0.9


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ESS is an XML standard that converts "events" into feeds.
It is used to publish frequently updated or ongoing events such as cinema schedules, exhibition dates, museum agendas, festival details and other "happenings" that have to be published, promoted or publicized in a standardized XML feed format.

Website with events... Before ESS broadcast effect
before and after ESS crawling
Massive crawling impact... With ESS ...wide broadcasting effect

Until now, event promoters could only use RSS or iCalendar to broadcast their events.
The problem has been that vital information gets lost in the event description.

Event Portal RSS Feed
publication with RSS feeds
publication with RSS feeds Web readers publication with RSS feeds Robots...

Now, with ESS all the criteria of any events are clearly defined.

Event Portal RSS Feed
publication with ESS feeds
publication with RSS feeds Web readers publication with RSS feeds Robots!

ESS Libraries

ESS Feeds can be generated from open-source libraries published on:
You can also help the web community to create or improve this open-source libraries.

  1. Select an open source library and download the code in your web language.
  2. Place the few lines of code where you generate events.
  3. Each generated event is automatically submitted to the list of event aggregators defined in the library.
  • ESS Library available for PHP
  • ESS Library available for JAVA
  • ESS Library available for JavaScript
  • ESS Library available for AS3
  • ESS Library available for Ruby On Rail
  • ESS Library available for Python

ESS Structure

DTD description available

ESS Documents are formatted in XML. ESS document are structurized with two types of XML elements :

  • Simple XML elements without children to define "title", "publishing date"...
  • And 8 "main XML element" that precisely describes the event.
 version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
 xmlns="http ://" version="0.9" lang="en">
     National Football Stadium events
     Copyright (c) 2012, John Doe
         Saturday Football Match

          Ico ess categories.png   
          Ico ess places.png       
          Ico ess dates.png        
          Ico ess prices.png       
          Ico ess peoples.png       
          Ico ess medias.png        
          Ico interactions.png    
          Ico authors.png      

ESS Examples

The best way to understand how a standard or a protocol works is to see a complete example in a common situation. Here is a football match event. A feed can be shorter, but this event displays the majority of the tags and features available in the ESS standard.

 version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  xmlns="" version="0.9" lang="en">
      >National Stadium Football events>
      >Copyright (c) 2012, John Doe>
          >Football match of saturday>
                 Welcome to my first football match event.
                 This football match is very important.
                 Our team is about to go up against our main league competitor.
              >team sport>


              type="recurrent" unit="week">
                >Match Date> 

              type="fixed" priority="1">
                >Football Stade>   
Ave of Americas, 871> >New York> >10001> >New York> >NY> >United States of America> >US> > type="virtual" priority="2"> >Match direct on TV> >NBC super channel> >television> > >   > type="standalone" mode="invitation" priority="2"> >Free entrance> >0> >USD> > type="recurrent" unit="month" mode="fixed" limit="12" priority="1"> >Subscribe monthly !> >17> >USD> >2012-12-13T18:30:02Z> > >   > type="image" priority="1"> >Stade image> >> > type="video" priority="3"> >Stade video> >> > type="sound" priority="2"> >Radio spot> >> > type="website" priority="4"> >Football Stade website> >> > >   > type="organizer"> >THJP167:8URYRT24:BUEREBK:567TYEFGU:IPAAF> >> >Michael Doe> >Michael> >Doe> >Football club association>
80, 5th avenue / 45st E - #504> >New York> >10001> >New York> >NY> >United States of America> >US> >> >> >> >+001 (646) 234-5566> > type="performer"> >FDH56:G497D6:4564DD465:4F6S4S6> >> >Janette Doe> > type="attendee"> >0> >500> >0> >Smoking is not allowed in the stadium> > >   > type="author"> >John Doe> >> >> >001 (646) 490-8899> >Janette> >Doe> >Football club association>
80, 5th avenue / 45st E - #504> >New York> >10001> >New York> >NY> >United States of America> >US> > type="contributor"> >John Doe-bis> > >   > type="alternate"> >alternative event> >EVENTID:50412:1a904:a715731:1cera:25va33> >> > type="related"> >related event title> >EVENTID:50b412:1a35d4:a731:1354c6a:225dg1> >> > type="enclosure"> >nearby event> >EVENTID:50b12:3451d4:34f5a71:1cf6a:2ff81> >> > >   >   > >

External documentation

Ietf logo.png

ESS standard under RFC validation process: RFC ESS Draft

  • RFC 3023 : XML Media Types
  • RFC 3066 : Tags for the Identification of Languages
  • RFC 3076 : Canonical XML Version 1.0
  • RFC 4287 : The Atom Syndication Format

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