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Press Release

Introducing ESS


ESS stands for Event Standard Syndication. It is The Events Feed.

  • ESS standard is a new free and open-source XML feed invented exclusively for events.
  • ESS Feeds can be published from add-ons in most CMS or with simple code libraries.
  • ESS federates provider’s events into one feed that can be updated everywhere in real-time.


Whether you're publishing details about a festival, concert, sports match, art show, film or conference, Event Standard Syndication has the event publisher's needs in mind!

There's nothing worse for a publisher than having their message scrambled, lost or misinterpreted. That’s why it is time to introduce a common, free, universal feed specifically for events, an add-on to any CMS that can be implemented with a few lines of simple code and can be broadcast to any portal and social media platform on the web.

ESS (Event Standard Syndication) is a new type of open XML feed that functions with any kind of CMS in any kind of web language. Input the code according to the following instructions included in this Document. The results will be a listing of events published in the feed and ready to be used by any third party.

Until now, event promoters could only use RSS or iCalendar to broadcast their events.
The problem has been that vital information gets lost in the event description.

Event Portal RSS Feed
publication with RSS feeds
publication with RSS feeds Web readers publication with RSS feeds Robots...

“ ESS makes culture real time, local and social! ”

Now, with ESS all the criteria of any events are clearly defined.

Event Portal RSS Feed
publication with ESS feeds
publication with RSS feeds Web readers publication with RSS feeds Robots!

“ Event Standard Syndication connects mobile users with what’s happening NOW! ”

Before, web users had to read each event page individually.
Now robots can crawl it, analyse it and broadcast it.

“ Real time content requires a real time feed! ”

Publishing the Ring Cycle with ESS.

Publishing the Ring Cycle with ESS

Benefits of ESS

  • ESS increases Traffic event portal.
  • ESS structures and organizes crucial event information so it can be broadcast clearly.
  • ESS Feeds target a new market that accesses events through mobile apps, web agendas and maps.
  • ESS prevents the duplication of content by centralizing the information on the publisher’s website.
  • ESS opens the door for the automatic transmission of event information all over the web.
  • ESS reduces the cost of event promotion thanks to centralization and automatization.
  • With ESS, event information is not distorted or lost amid an abundance of text as it is by RSS and iCalendar Feeds.

Tags that define ESS

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The Market is Waiting...

Mobile Users Want Local and Real-Time Info

A Feb, 2012 Comscore study showed that 51% of participants surveyed access travel information on their smartphones. 22% of these travelers look for local events after checking in at their hotel/apartment rental.
ESS is designed to be read on mobile devices just as easily as on the web with event listings worldwide!

The Event Ticket Industry is Growing

A Jan. 2013 online report published by Eventbrite reported $600 million of online ticket sales for the previous year. At the end of 2012, Live Nation/Ticketmaster quarterly report showed an overall 5% increase in ticket sales from the year before.
As a tool ESS can take its users directly to event ticketing sources.

The Web is Ready for a New Broadcast Medium

No open-source feed exists for online event promoters to publish such specific details as “attendee rules” or offer attendees direct incentives for attending the event let alone sufficiently feature the price, date, place, media files and categories that your event encompasses. Events published through RSS and iCalendar don’t allow for an efficient way to highlight special features of an event.
An ESS Feed gives its users the option to determine the parameters of their event beyond the mandatory traditional aspects (Price, Date, Place, Relations, Categories, Media Files and Event Actors).

ESS Libraries

ESS Feeds can be generated from open-source libraries published on:
You can also help the web community to create or improve this open-source libraries.

  1. Select an open source library and download the code in your web language.
  2. Place the few lines of code where you generate events.
  3. Each generated event is automatically submitted to the list of event aggregators defined in the library.
  • ESS Library available for PHP
  • ESS Library available for JAVA
  • ESS Library available for JavaScript
  • ESS Library available for AS3
  • ESS Library available for Ruby On Rail
  • ESS Library available for Python

You can use the logo in various format:

  • 16px X 16px
  • 32px X 32px
  • 64px X 64px
  • 128px X 128px
  • 256px X 256px

About Us

ESS is a group of independent event publishers who decided it was time to create an open feed specifically for event publishers' needs.

To contact us directly with any questions you may have regarding the implementation, validity or group of industry professionals behind ESS, send an email to contact [|at|]


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