ESS combines Mobile, Social and Business Management Technologies

Over the past two years, more and more surveys and statistics have pointing to rising amount of users getting event information and buying tickets to events directly from their mobile devices. Comscore statistics from a 2012 survey shows that 51% of survey participants rely on a smartphone when they travel with 22% of these travellers looking up things to do only upon arrival. A recent ZDNet post by Brian Sommer charted one of the trinities that is considered most important is the meeting point of mobile, social and cloud content. He also sites that there is a niche to be filled in tools that combine event driven, social and business management technologies. ESS is exactly that- a way to appeal to the back end publisher, the social platform user and a manner in which to manage and collect statistical data about who is consuming that information. We see the future as a mobile and a social one, but we also want to give businesses the tool they need to plan their next step. It's that simple. 

By admin_ess on April 8, 2013 | Why ESS? | A comment?
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