We're working hard here at The Plug and Play Tech Center in Valencia to get our ESS feed to the public and in the process finding out that breaking in a new technology is a lot of work. But we're confident that we've got what it takes. Here's why….

We've been told time and again that our feed is something the market needs. It offers event publishers a free way to reach an unprecedented number of users and defines all the criteria of an event (date, price, location, categories etc.) very clearly (something RSS does not do). We've got the goods, now it's about having publishers to try it out for themselves. We invite all of you readers out there who are involved in the publishing or broadcasting of events to check it out. 

Some of you have asked why we're doing this….Well, we have an idea and that is to take all the content aggregated through the ESS feed and offer it to businesses like airlines, hotel groups and search engines. Just like with RSS and Feedburner, we're just intermediaries and the link always drives the user back to the event page (your page). We believe there is strength in numbers and the only way to create a global events locator (i.e. that ultimate app that isn't driven by robot crawlers and constantly breaking down or lousy on info) is to get the events straight from the source. That way, everybody wins!

So we're calling all plug in creators, techies and publishers to have a look and see for themselves the benefits of Event Standard Syndication (ESS). 




Author: admin_ess on March 28, 2013
Category: ESS: An Intro
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