ESS and Recursivity: The Traveling Circus!

Funny Clowns

One of the biggest problems there is when trying to post information about an event is what to do when the event doesn't follow a linear, normal trajectory. For example, a circus that is going to be in town for a weekend in June before going away to neighboring towns and then coming back in July. That circus  has  to let its  local public know that they  will be back and the event is temporarily finished, but will be starting again later, not an easy task when publishing an event online. The event is neither finished nor continuing but rather something recursive that will be happening at a later date. Through other channels like RSS and iCal publishers would have to republish the event in a separate listing. That's where ESS makes the job easier with a special function for recursivity that allows the publisher to publish separate date elements in the same event listing. More info on how this event can be published with ESS here: 


Author: admin_ess on April 12, 2013
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