An Event within an Event: A Trip to Los Encants

Los Encants1

Anyone who has lived in Barcelona for any period of time has probably heard of Los Encants, a market that is open on Saturday morning where one can search through an enormous amount of paintings, books, magazines and furniture from attics and estate sales all over Spain. Some Saturdays, there are auctions and special showings, "events within an event" that make the trip to the Encants market all the more worthwhile. These special happenings at the event however, often start at different times. For example, an auction may start at 8:00 am one Saturday while a special viewing of a new furniture shipment may begin at 12 noon. With ESS the special events occuring at Los Encants can be defined along with their unique start times, the same way a music festival with several happenings/events would: by listing the special feature (i.e. auction at the Encants event) as a separate event in the same ESS document. This would automatically link it to the original event as they would both share the same time, date, price and location elements. Look to for the infinite possibilities ESS offers its publishers.

Author: admin_ess on April 12, 2013
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